When it Rains The Clouds Sing “Miya Ki Malhar”

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After the scorching summer heat, the monsoons bring much needed relief and joy to the capital city.The best part it is the jun-july of every year the childish girl within me reminds me that I am a monsoon child.

Being a bong I cannot deny that I love Autumn.But somewhere within I am a monsoon child. The first rain, as we remembered was told to us in our even younger days, settles the dust and impurities from the sky above and should be avoided.But somehow the first rain is what I cannot resist.The  rain  drenched streets and  the dancing trees are the real monsoon delight.

Rain  drenched city and a cup of coffee never fails nomatter how hard  the day  be.

As the metro starts nearing the targetted destination , when  you  look  at  the  canvas of the sky  you will notice the clouds painting the  story of megh malhar.

Malhar symbolises a raaga of monsoon.According  to  some verses the indian  classical music and the raagas are based on  seasons and philosophy  that  relates the  season cycle with different  stages and feelings of human  life.

Mal-har” actually means  washing  away the evil .

As I  take a  look  at the rain  drenched city a  part of my soul sings Malhar. There are many variations of Raga Malhar, and are categorised chronologically based on the era of their composition – prachina (before the 15th Century), madhyakalina (15th – 18th Century) and arvachina (19th Century and thence). Ragas Shuddha Malhar, Megh Malhar and Gaud Malhar belong to the first period

Miyan ki malhar is a variation introduced by Tansen (one of the composers in the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar), which follows the swaras: S R g m P D n N. Though Miyan ki malhar and Raga Bahar have the same tone material, the melodic movements in Miyan ki malhar are rather serious and slow, moving more in the lower tetra-chord, whereas movements in Bahar are more sprightly and centre around the high Sa.

I can  relate malhar allot to  the advent rain  the alap and prelude is a lot more serious as  it stands as a symbol of  the thunder while the melody part runs smooth and goes towards the higher notes depicting the intensity of beautiful rain.

And my heart sings

Bijuri Chamake Barase

 Meharawa Aayilo Badariya

Ka Karun Maayi Mora Jiyara Tarase  

 Ghan Garaje Ghan Bijuri Chamake

 Papiha Pee Pee Ter Sunaawe

Ka Karun Maayi Mori Jiyara Laraje

Nomatter how much  devotion  we  have  for  Indian Classical Music ,we bongs kind of fail to related  most things unless they have a strong connection  with our very own Robi Thakur’s Creation .

Whenever I  listen  to Tagore’s song Jhoro Jhoro Borishe Bari Dhara  I feel a strong touch  of  Miya ki Malhar.

ঝরঝর বরিষে বারিধারা।হায় পথবাসী, হায় গতিহীন,   হায় গৃহহারা ॥ফিরে বায়ু হাহাস্বরে,   ডাকে কারে জনহীন অসীম প্রান্তরে–রজনী আঁধারে॥অধীরা যমুনা তরঙ্গ-আকুলা অকূলা রে,   তিমিরদুকূলা রে।নিবিড় নীরদ গগনে   গরগর গরজে সঘনে,চঞ্চলচপলা চমকে–   নাহি শশীতারা ॥

The beauty of River Yammuna in  Monsoon  somehow remins me of a few lines  from  the song

অধীরা যমুনা তরঙ্গ-আকুলা অকূলা রে,   তিমিরদুকূলা রে।নিবিড় নীরদ গগনে   গরগর গরজে সঘনে,

CEASELESS is THE welter of rain that wearies the sky.

Alas for the forsaken! Alas for the homeless wanderer!

The shrieks of the wind die away in sobs and sighs.

What flying phantom does it pursue across the pathless wild?

The night is hopeless like the eyes of the blind.

Alas for the forsaken! Alas for the homeless wanderer!

The waves are frantic in the river lost in the shoreless dark.

The thunder growls, the lightning flashes its teeth.

The lights of the stars are dead.

Alas for the forsaken! Alas for the homeless wanderer!

– Translated by Rabindranath Tagore

Being a monsoon  child all I can  say  is my love  for  Music and Rain  somehow dedicate this blog  to my readers .Its is just a random  feeling penned down  nothing  else .

A trip to the land of temples:Deulghat,Puruliya:Jhalda

Deulghat is considered as a land of temples. The place is home to approximately 15 temples that are close to the Kansai river. This region is known for the architecture.and the intricacy in carvings and decorations in its temples.

Around 18km from Purulia town, on the banks of the Kangsabati river, stands Deulghata, a wonderful place to explore.The settlement owes its name to its deul-styled temples, inspired by Jainism that once had a firm foothold in the region.
The stucco decoration is the notable architecture made on the temple. The entrance of those temples is entangled with the branches of trees, casting an eerie. However these temples are the representations of the age, when they were built. Moreover the temples adorned with the graceful carve, attracts visitors, and hence are important in the tourism of Purulia.
In 1870, British engineer John Beglar conducted a survey of the archaeological ruins in the Manbhum area (out of which Purulia was carved out), during which he found several dilapidated Jain temples and artefacts at Deulghata.
Most of the temples were intricately crafted with bricks and baked soil. The expertise of the artists added a new dimension to the places of worship.
Brickwork with stucco is the USP of the temples, most of which are in ruins now. The stucco features scrolls with geese and foliage as the main motif. The works bear resemblances with temple art from the Pala-Sena period.
The temples are usually stone-made which indicates that the sculpture on the stones was the traditional culture of the contemporary people. Although the buildings of the temples of Pakbirra has ruined and nothing but the relics are left, it still continued to be an important tourist center. According to the surviving remnants, those temples are built following the Jaina tradition, once prevalent in Purulia.
The Deulghata temples were so captivating that in a report published in 1909 in theImperial Gazetteer of India, the art on them were compared with those on the famous Buddhist temple in Bodhgaya. This rich heritage is crumbling because of our neglect. Only three temples still stand in the quaint settlement.
There is no trace of many of the other temples that must have existed. The basements and roofless walls of some can still be seen.

Is Selfishness devastating your life? It is not the selfish person’s fault.It is your fault you gave more than they deserved


Girls must  have heard  about  concealors.Well some men  directly  into light-camera-action industries,or  more  than needed inclined towards  the glam world are quite familiar  to  the term.Still for everyones information concealors are  kind of  cosmetics that  covers up all scars,blemish  uneven  skintone  that exists in our faces.Well  these  are material concealors but  we  often  meet  the  supertalent  born  with  inborn concealors  and  naturally blending  this  that  provides  enough  coverage  to their flaws.We  often  meet people trust them ,some becomes  our  great friend, some best friends  ,a part of life and some become people we can sacrifice our life.But  when  we understand  that  they  are  selfish our life  already gets  devastated.Selfish people are always lovable, nice and really sweet.
It’s true, they really are.Unfortunately for you, the traits of a selfish person aren’t easy to notice, because they cover their darker side so well.
But as the relationship starts to grow, you’d start to feel emotionally weak around this person.And before you know it, they could suck the happiness out of you, and all you can do is watch helplessly.If you’re traumatized by a selfish person in your own life, don’t hate yourself for it.It’s not your fault that you didn’t see the signs.The result of being a selfish  is often either to find an extraordinary giver who can tolerate what feels like immense restrictive behavior or to have multiple “superficial” relationships. This keeps the selfish  in an unthreatened mode and they then can feel as though they don’t have to answer to anyone. The irony of it all is that a selfish person wouldn’t even know they’re being selfish. They’d just assume they’re nice people who care about their own happiness more than anything else. But in their pursuit of their own happiness, they carelessly and intentionally walk all over the shattered hearts of any loving person around them.When you’re in a relationship with a selfish person, they would continue to extract your love and your affections. But they’d stop giving any love or affection back in return which would leave you feeling weak, unappreciated and miserable.Selfish people are skilled manipulators by instinct.


If you’re being used by a selfish friend who sees you as an emotionally weak target, you may even find yourself confused and lost. You may wonder why you’re the only one feeling miserable around this selfish person while everyone else thinks so highly of them. But that’s only because you lovingly handed over the strings to control you like a puppet to them.A selfish person will behave selfishly around you only when they truly believe that you need them more.


If you feel like you’re doing all the giving while the other person only takes, big chances are, you’re being used in the relationship. Learn to see the signs and more importantly, learn to accept it when you think you’re being devastated.learn to detach yourself slowly, a little more with each passing day. As you start the detachment step, you’d be more aware and you’d see this person’s selfish side even more clearly. And that’ll give you the strength to move away soon. 




 You  were  no  Ceasor born to come see and conquer
You wished to be closer i let you wished not to disclose i let you
Your Bureau of Statistics and I was there – guided, directed
and you knewall the while,  I was the stranger  to u 
Yelling For Just A Hint Of Attention, Yet not  a loner 
Standing Outside The Crowd, Trying To Come In just  to be with you
And your smooth talk was always practiced
and distinct
I made every effort -eager, naïve and persistent -but your sofistacations ruled you
Like Im Not There. Like Only I Know Im There my identity  had not  name  or no body even cared 
My was nearing its discover by a  persistent name”outsider”and a shifted to  the  perphery with careful disregard




Even the sky needs to to cry sometimes let it rain.
Let it break free and wash away my long hidden pain,
Let it sooth the heat,let it rain all day 
Falling from the burdened clouds of mourning grey.
Let earth bath ,Let life bloom,Let the torrent force the wind to stay,
Let not the shower stop ,As i have been in tears all day
Let my skin wrung wet ,Let my soul wash with its soothing chill,
Let the clouds stay just the way it does,when mud embrace the sodden hill.
Let it rain melding the barrier of torrential fears ,
Let not the world know, let it wash away my sneaking tears
Let not the light refrain the chill of clouds and saddend eye,
As miles are left to travell, wrapped in a raincoat of laten cry.





Clinging to the pain Without fear Never in regret
Merely to feel I have a soul.
I Merely felt i had a life ,I Merely felt loved
They say to let go To blanket my life
In forgiveness And take my next step
But i merely knew how a part of my was never
Lost in boldly walked away ,it eloped.


Sometimes I imagine the distance as time
time that engulfs all bridges, all ports,
the decks of ships and the lighthouses standing still optionless,
I visualize it as wild and rowdy as the water during a cyclone. I picturise its insatiable hunger, I watch it flare up The distance is a footpath of farewell, a highway of hopelessness standing clueless


My Paintings



This painting is the inspiration behind my composition Emptiness



Innocense : innocence to me is more photogenic and artistic than elegance


Woman by Soumita

Woman: This Painting is a tribute to every shade of womanhood.People say that this girl in the painting looks a lot like me.





Mother’s love





You created us and we create your idol


Half Forgotten


Salvation 2


Never Let it Go


Calla lily


What if the road never ends


The Taj (Mumbai )Blasts

Tram: Kolkata’s one of the Oldest Pride

Our city of joy our ,our Pride!! But people born in thsymbolizes. 8 .development ardly knows about the city’s oneIn fact ie oldest Pride…
In a recent bengalee movie Shreya Ghosal sang a song “Chol Rastay Shaji Tramline”
But in the frantic rat race of our daily life do we really travel in Tram??
I know for most of us the answer is “Not Really”!
In fact the city is retiring the trams in order to meet its growing transportation needs.It is quite true that its nearly 21 trams that plies across this city
CTC recently introduced Charaibati ,the a/c tram.But it is pretty occasional rather rare.If You visits CTC’s Nonapukur Workshop you can know about trams.Under a huge factory shade there,surrounded by the wreckage of phased-out trams,three wonder trams stands namely Balaka ,Banala,Chaibati. These three are basically remembered for occasion use or to serve the need of a film script
Balaka is named after Tagore’s Collection of Poetry while Banalata too is blessed with literary Touch.Poet Jibananando Das was killed by a speeding tram near DeshaPriya Park tramlines .His Famous poem Banalata Sen is the reason behind Banalata’s naming.

Unfortunalety this fascinated historic mode of transport that plied along the streets and lanes  is becoming obsolate.
From Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar to Buddhadeb Das Gupta’s Grihayuddhya tollywood’s connection with trams is pretty old.If  we take a look at Bollywood Kareena Kapoor Khan Traveling in tram in the Movie Yuva by Mani Ratnam,Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahani also shows Vidya in Tram.
 First Attempt of Running Tram was taken in 1873 to travel from
Sealdah to American Ghat.But it proved to be inadequate to serve the purpose.In 1880 CTC was formed .Meter-guage horse drawn track was laid from Sealdah to american ghat.It was inaugerated by Lord Ripon(Vice Roy).The developrnt in tje system was followed by Steam locomotives in 1882.Finally in Asia electric trams plied in 1902 .reconstruction took place for the tracks Kalighat to tollyguange extention took place followed by connecting Esplanade and Begachia
A replica of Horse-Drawn Tram can be seen at saltlake city Center
 We all know that trams are not a fast mode of transport but this
Is one of the oldest transport in the city.Infact  it symbolises the developement and heritage of the City of Joy since british rule.We love our trams the nostalgic thing this trasport can give
No other super decorated technologically advanced vehicle can. Some aspect are connected to heart and our ‘bengalee sentiments’ is’nt it?

She does’nt need you for her happiness she can find it on her own:she is with you because she loves You

We often complain about life and agony aunts keep assuring that life is not a bed of roses good times will come.Trust me ,I have been through this keeping Patience seems to be the hardest thing under the sun .It took me pretty long to realize that good time will never approach like a dancing waves that approach the sea shore.Happiness is one of the inbuilt quality all of us are born with ,but only a few of us can utilize.
Girls are emotional we all know.Sometimes when  a girl breaks a guys heart and abandons his life they need another girl to fill the void.But the one filling the void is a princess when she approaches his life.She is treated like her imperfections are perfectly negligible to be overlooked.She is then given a lot of pet names and convinced to believe that she is enough beautiful and desirable to blow his mind.Soon the void fills up everything falls in place ,his abandonment has finally filed a divorce ready to be signed by him.Seems like living in Paradise right?
Wait wait ! She was not an insomniac before she met him ,now she can’t simply sleep without pills.She had a circle out friend with “don’t give a shit to the world attitude” now she goes shopping alone .Tries her best to choose  clothes that perfectly hides her neck line ,showing an inch above knees!! Crazy!!! Reason enough for a break up babe he’s gonna turn crazy. Her language is now full on shakesepearish lol! His circle judges her upbringing by the funky languages she utters ,after all they are so sober(read: still consumes lactogen 1 as staple food )

And He??? His life is perfect loneliness seems like a joke now.No no not because he has someone to love him unconditionally.His work load is ridiculous these days,he works in same company same designation .Work load is what is not leaving him free! She got used to with his attention and still craves for it! But who cares his lonely life’s void has been filled when he needed and its human nature of 21st century to get and forget.Now that he has changed her habbits and expectations She is suddenly judged as annoying. She cares too much ‘attention monger”! Isnt she? She wants your company ‘clingy girl’ .The girls in the malls are better a’nt they?Now he thinks why does she part her hair this way not like that girl,oh that girl’s complections better to fit this dress .
Trust me she is not born to take all these problem is not in her problem is right there in your up bringing
Honestly You deserve much more ignorance than you are showing her.She made your life normal when you did not even want to live the abandoned life.Your work ? Do you even remember that you lost all hopes and confidence ? Today you are giving great output because she came like an angel and gave you the normal life you have now.I understand work is important ,trust me you have enough time when you have to give it because you friendshave planed a sudden trip.You do have time to organise a party for a friend or visiting some faraway relative is suddenly important.Yes i agree they exist in you life before she entered.But the question is if they are important enough to deprive her of the time only she deserves ,then you could not they made your life normal when you were broken? Why did you needed her then? Or she is some fever remetion medicine fever is not more you have to stop taking it now health drinks can protect your immunity..?
What if She suddenly behaves the same as you do?
pathetic!! Is’nt it?
Worst part what if her life suddenly becomes good as yours? I know you lady cousin’s girl friends have amazing hair ,figure and blessed with natural features .They are better qualified and  have good convient office timings you kbow ,some of their colleges come so damn on you way home that you guys cannot simply help but end up meeting.
 Believe me bro her cousin brother’s friends are actually dieing to date (read :can treat her atleast better than you) .You have a good and thats making you treat her as amaturist sometimes .But as i told you some of her cousin’s guy friends CV can even give your boss inferiority complex.Trust me they actually know she is ahead of many qualified men.Yes your cousin’s girl friend praises your sense of humour! Wanna know why? Because she is not impolite you gave her so many compliments that returning some was her modestly not inclination grow up.Coolest thing Her cousin’s may be intelligent enough to discover that hidden talent of hers that you never bothered to notice.Well yeah again point a finger at her !common do it!! She is an introvert who opened up to a stranger! Lol 😀
The fact is you are not as cool as you friends say you are! You are actually a kid in large size who preffers playing with a stone  instead of diamond.
You would not understand it initially
When you will loose her attachment step by step you will feel how bad it feel to stroll along the lones of darkness you belonged once.She is not playing with your feelings.She is dettaching the strings of attachment one after the other,it is only because you gave her too much pain and now she has learnt to live without you.You will see her habbits ,attire and way of interacting with your circle as well as reacting to ypu behaviour going through a drastistic change.Your staring at some sexy chic was once followed by her cold stare ,the fights and mood offs ,may now when you are literally checking out some girl she is too busy with her smart phone or latest gadget.Now when poke her pointing some girl about weight hair or anything she might busy with the cosmetic store or cd store the women is standing in front of.
Be happy with who you are with.Not every guy is blessed with presentable persons who made their life beautiful.Yes your mom gave birth to you but when your life was abandoned your hopes all shattered ,you seemed  to be nearing mental death,She gave you a second life.
She gathered those broken pieces of your heart.
The Girls your friend call “Bitches” and “heartless ” today were once too good like your girl.
She will Cry and do crazy things to get back the attention you gave her initially.And you will act like you do not care ,things will turn worse.She is then start finding interest in things that can heal her wound.The wound that your ignorance gave her.She wil love you but once that wound is heal by some other
Source she will move on for sure.
She bare to love you silently ,see you falling for someone else but once she has found the way of healing her wound without you she will move on.
May be that is when you may understans.Before it is too late guys understand her value prove that you were raised in the arms of a queen by tresting her as a queen.Trust me your treating her shows your upbringing.Caring for her showing it off to the world shows that you grew up seeing you father doing it for our mom.Trust me if she says she loves you she does.She can have guy friends but she will marry the one she can be proud of if she were his mom