Tere Bina The Echos Of Emptiness Continues..

I always felt it awkward rather something that is not properly justified when in a book the “I” or the first met person is omitted.May be this is one of the reason i love reading Chetan Bhagat atleast he never ignores the First met I though girls never fall in love Hari Shyam or Govind .Stories are stories but the way you frame it the way you present it the way its soully responsible for the the public reaction you seek.If We take up the Emptiness story that created a vacuum of emotional out burst in 2010.I remember whenever a male friend of mine had a break his status update used to be “Tune mere jana Kabhi nahi jaana Ishq mera dard mera”(You by beloved.Never did know my love my pain).I am not at all ashamed to convey that Tears rolled down my chicks when i heard about the Rohan Rathore story .It was hard for me to believe that no Rohan Rathore died in guwahati IIT in love with his classmate Supriya. Soon Gajendra Verma’s Phir Suna Forced believe no Rohan existed ever.But the Love for the song all was remain at its place .Its one of my old habbit to jot down my hearts content in yellowish papers ..this is how the tere bina concept sparked ..
Labs thi mere dhun tha tera adhuri si hai geet tere bina (lyrics were mine the tne was yours incomplete is the song without you)
Saans thi meri khushboo tha tera adhuri si hai saans tere bina ( i breathed but fragrangrance was yours incomplete is the breathe i take without you)
Sooni si Raahein meri ankhei dhundhe tera nishan (Vaccant is the way ahead my eyes search for you)
Ankho Neend Ruthi chahe tujho ko dil o meri jaan( Sleep’s angry with eyes the hearts wants just you my life)
Mane mere Jana Kaise nahi jana ishq tera dard tera( Oh my love why didnt i know
Tu jo gaya haal yeh mera rehta  hai

Dil Yeh mera puchho to khud se kehta hai (When you left heart  is empty  and  says  its  alone when asked)



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