Kasam: Our Almost National Food ,we all have tasted or will get to taste someday or the other

Next time You experience being praised for your skills and Grey matter show modesty.But if u suddenly see that you lift a load better than someone,or your cousins , putting on unnecessary weight ,and you effortlobsly look maintained!!! One question is Commin up for you be ready !
Yeah its ” AAKHIR KHATA KYA HAI?” ( Oh God! What do you eat man?)
The Answer is very simple! “Kasam”
Yes most of us eat Kasam.
Kasam is nothing but a “swear on me”
This comes in unique package from “Needless Emotion Courier Service” that excells in wrapping .It wraps “Kasam ” with a plastic bag made out of melodrama,tearing it introduces you to a brown wrapped cellotaped box made out of emotional blackmail .Tearing the tapes you get a airfilled pack made out of “stories of sacrifices” done for you. Tear it and the uniques “Kasam” comes up.
This Courier service currently received a “besto-bhushashan “from ‘ Indian Association of Stubborn irrational Moms-Wives-girlfriends and Sisters’
While “Association of ridiculous Husbands-dads-brothers and boyfriends ” have laid emphasis on the product Needless Emotion Courier delivers.They have recently lauched a brand of Whiskey and Cigar which named after the famous product “Kasam”
The telefilm production houses and big production houses are using this “Kasam” shamelessly without loyalty .So before a case is filed these production houses are thinking of buying “Kasam” a ” besto-Shree” and facilitated it in their up coming “Nautaki Show off Awards”.This news was lately confirmed by kamwali bai governed Jounalists association.
Ours is a country if unity in diversity ,when too many people are celebrating the glory of “Kasam” many are pretty unacquaited with what it is.Kasam is Swear given nothing else.In our country we often virtualise it in a form of food.And when we were supposed to say swear on me we say “kha meri kasam”
Dads of our Great Country often prohibit their children from using social network or simply playing game during exams,saying “Kha meri kasam aj se na facebook login karega, na game khelega”(swear on me! U would not login to facebook or play games from today)
Innocent teenagers  girls who are just friends with some guys are often alleged of a serious crime “DATING”
Dad the greats make them swear of not seeing that guys face ever after .”Khao apne papa ki kasam kabhi nahi miloge us nalayak se”
Trust me Daddyz the guy ur lil princess is dating may not be as
Nalayak as someone will force her to tie knot with.
Trust me daddy dears 90% guys of ur choice are marrying ur daughter because you are a rich man.If you are not then may be another “villainous daddy  made him Eat ‘Kasam’ a full plate served with emotion mashed chutney to marry your daughter.
Now we have the real jewels of the crown “Mom”
I know all of you are great no one can even think of the sacrufice you literally did for us.But i guess you people made comprimises and sacrifises because  you love us.And not because you wanted our lives to go on just the way you want it.I am nobody to question your right ,i am nobody to teach you
Your limit but i am a daughter of 21st century who wants a life of our choice.Trust me Mummaz we are not selfish we just need some more freedom and independence than you generation did.We know that our sons would need freedom even more than we need.As soon as you understand this problems and tentions will go back to the pavallion.I know you want us to have a good life .But trust me we can choose life partners ourselves yes we can end up choosing wrong people ,chances of being cheated are there but please let us face it.We value your suggestions but please let us face life.
Kasam is a kind of Food served to many guys if they choose a girl who does not match his mom’s idea a of a perfect daughter in law.Idea injecting courtesy off course goes to Indian television where mom in laws have rights to announced that daughter in law will live in the guest room alone.She is always a saree lady who spends all her time doing puja and impressing people for being a perfect Bahu.Trust me Mummas he is your ‘Raja beta’ it is true, she is also her daddys princess and mumma’s dolly if you can see someday being unbiast that ‘your Raja beta’ may not be the perfect match there are several others who are better then you will understand .Then you will know that the girl your “raja beta” chose may not be a symbol of “sundar sushil” indian lady but 100% capable of being a perfect wife of your son.
Trust me changing you point of view wont hurt.
Your biggest fault is you always look for qualities in girl for being a perfect ‘Bahu’ and not you son’s perfect wife.A girl who will make a 100% perfect wife will try her level best for being your ideal bahu.But if your chosen idea bahu does not end up being a perfect wife for your son ,sorry to say you kind of ruined you darling.son’s marital life.
Now comes our stoppers
Can you imagine how you would have felt if he said stop buying make up! Stop hanging out with you lady friends!
Is’nt it?
So when you are prohibiting him from drinking some pegs in a party or casually smoking believe me he too feels ridiculous
You people are super talented ,you can make him eat “Kasam” and make him swear on you that he will never do it .”Khao meri kasam kal se sharab aur cigerrete ko haat nahi lagaoge”
If it is some health issue like drinking is showing adverse
Effect in his liver or immunity or smoking is
Giving him lung ailment .Ladies! You then have 100% licsense to make pakodas ,bhajjis and samosas out of ‘Kasam’ and force him to eat that.
But if he is and occational drinker and lowtime smoker and devoid of any adverse effect reported ever then making him swear is not a cool idea.
This Post is not to critisise those who make their loved ones swear on them.Swearing loved ones is serious practice across the world.All i want to say is we do not our precious diamond jewellery every day.We wear it on special occasions likewise Swear or Kasam should not be used without reason.Stop being
Judgemental Kasam in our country have various mythological
Stories please do not spoil it’s dignity.Mal use of kasam is what makes people say “Declare Kasam as National Food” .
If You can stop giving swears atleast use it occasionally.If you cannot step forward to stop people from cracking the “national food” joke about Kasam.Do one thing ,use it a bit less so that it remains a special cuisine Item not daily staple food like Dal-Chawal/Roti.


  1. Debjit · March 28, 2015

    every word is true!!! bt i thnk u r more frustd wth dis kasam in ur lyf to compose such a huge blog..

    • explorewidsoumita · March 28, 2015

      Well am not frustrated with the “Swear on me”s. . . . . but gathered a lot of experience having witnessed the pros n con’s 😉 most con’s!!! That’s
      why such a huge blog man!!!

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