She does’nt need you for her happiness she can find it on her own:she is with you because she loves You

We often complain about life and agony aunts keep assuring that life is not a bed of roses good times will come.Trust me ,I have been through this keeping Patience seems to be the hardest thing under the sun .It took me pretty long to realize that good time will never approach like a dancing waves that approach the sea shore.Happiness is one of the inbuilt quality all of us are born with ,but only a few of us can utilize.
Girls are emotional we all know.Sometimes when  a girl breaks a guys heart and abandons his life they need another girl to fill the void.But the one filling the void is a princess when she approaches his life.She is treated like her imperfections are perfectly negligible to be overlooked.She is then given a lot of pet names and convinced to believe that she is enough beautiful and desirable to blow his mind.Soon the void fills up everything falls in place ,his abandonment has finally filed a divorce ready to be signed by him.Seems like living in Paradise right?
Wait wait ! She was not an insomniac before she met him ,now she can’t simply sleep without pills.She had a circle out friend with “don’t give a shit to the world attitude” now she goes shopping alone .Tries her best to choose  clothes that perfectly hides her neck line ,showing an inch above knees!! Crazy!!! Reason enough for a break up babe he’s gonna turn crazy. Her language is now full on shakesepearish lol! His circle judges her upbringing by the funky languages she utters ,after all they are so sober(read: still consumes lactogen 1 as staple food )

And He??? His life is perfect loneliness seems like a joke now.No no not because he has someone to love him unconditionally.His work load is ridiculous these days,he works in same company same designation .Work load is what is not leaving him free! She got used to with his attention and still craves for it! But who cares his lonely life’s void has been filled when he needed and its human nature of 21st century to get and forget.Now that he has changed her habbits and expectations She is suddenly judged as annoying. She cares too much ‘attention monger”! Isnt she? She wants your company ‘clingy girl’ .The girls in the malls are better a’nt they?Now he thinks why does she part her hair this way not like that girl,oh that girl’s complections better to fit this dress .
Trust me she is not born to take all these problem is not in her problem is right there in your up bringing
Honestly You deserve much more ignorance than you are showing her.She made your life normal when you did not even want to live the abandoned life.Your work ? Do you even remember that you lost all hopes and confidence ? Today you are giving great output because she came like an angel and gave you the normal life you have now.I understand work is important ,trust me you have enough time when you have to give it because you friendshave planed a sudden trip.You do have time to organise a party for a friend or visiting some faraway relative is suddenly important.Yes i agree they exist in you life before she entered.But the question is if they are important enough to deprive her of the time only she deserves ,then you could not they made your life normal when you were broken? Why did you needed her then? Or she is some fever remetion medicine fever is not more you have to stop taking it now health drinks can protect your immunity..?
What if She suddenly behaves the same as you do?
pathetic!! Is’nt it?
Worst part what if her life suddenly becomes good as yours? I know you lady cousin’s girl friends have amazing hair ,figure and blessed with natural features .They are better qualified and  have good convient office timings you kbow ,some of their colleges come so damn on you way home that you guys cannot simply help but end up meeting.
 Believe me bro her cousin brother’s friends are actually dieing to date (read :can treat her atleast better than you) .You have a good and thats making you treat her as amaturist sometimes .But as i told you some of her cousin’s guy friends CV can even give your boss inferiority complex.Trust me they actually know she is ahead of many qualified men.Yes your cousin’s girl friend praises your sense of humour! Wanna know why? Because she is not impolite you gave her so many compliments that returning some was her modestly not inclination grow up.Coolest thing Her cousin’s may be intelligent enough to discover that hidden talent of hers that you never bothered to notice.Well yeah again point a finger at her !common do it!! She is an introvert who opened up to a stranger! Lol 😀
The fact is you are not as cool as you friends say you are! You are actually a kid in large size who preffers playing with a stone  instead of diamond.
You would not understand it initially
When you will loose her attachment step by step you will feel how bad it feel to stroll along the lones of darkness you belonged once.She is not playing with your feelings.She is dettaching the strings of attachment one after the other,it is only because you gave her too much pain and now she has learnt to live without you.You will see her habbits ,attire and way of interacting with your circle as well as reacting to ypu behaviour going through a drastistic change.Your staring at some sexy chic was once followed by her cold stare ,the fights and mood offs ,may now when you are literally checking out some girl she is too busy with her smart phone or latest gadget.Now when poke her pointing some girl about weight hair or anything she might busy with the cosmetic store or cd store the women is standing in front of.
Be happy with who you are with.Not every guy is blessed with presentable persons who made their life beautiful.Yes your mom gave birth to you but when your life was abandoned your hopes all shattered ,you seemed  to be nearing mental death,She gave you a second life.
She gathered those broken pieces of your heart.
The Girls your friend call “Bitches” and “heartless ” today were once too good like your girl.
She will Cry and do crazy things to get back the attention you gave her initially.And you will act like you do not care ,things will turn worse.She is then start finding interest in things that can heal her wound.The wound that your ignorance gave her.She wil love you but once that wound is heal by some other
Source she will move on for sure.
She bare to love you silently ,see you falling for someone else but once she has found the way of healing her wound without you she will move on.
May be that is when you may understans.Before it is too late guys understand her value prove that you were raised in the arms of a queen by tresting her as a queen.Trust me your treating her shows your upbringing.Caring for her showing it off to the world shows that you grew up seeing you father doing it for our mom.Trust me if she says she loves you she does.She can have guy friends but she will marry the one she can be proud of if she were his mom

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