Tram: Kolkata’s one of the Oldest Pride

Our city of joy our ,our Pride!! But people born in thsymbolizes. 8 .development ardly knows about the city’s oneIn fact ie oldest Pride…
In a recent bengalee movie Shreya Ghosal sang a song “Chol Rastay Shaji Tramline”
But in the frantic rat race of our daily life do we really travel in Tram??
I know for most of us the answer is “Not Really”!
In fact the city is retiring the trams in order to meet its growing transportation needs.It is quite true that its nearly 21 trams that plies across this city
CTC recently introduced Charaibati ,the a/c tram.But it is pretty occasional rather rare.If You visits CTC’s Nonapukur Workshop you can know about trams.Under a huge factory shade there,surrounded by the wreckage of phased-out trams,three wonder trams stands namely Balaka ,Banala,Chaibati. These three are basically remembered for occasion use or to serve the need of a film script
Balaka is named after Tagore’s Collection of Poetry while Banalata too is blessed with literary Touch.Poet Jibananando Das was killed by a speeding tram near DeshaPriya Park tramlines .His Famous poem Banalata Sen is the reason behind Banalata’s naming.

Unfortunalety this fascinated historic mode of transport that plied along the streets and lanes  is becoming obsolate.
From Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar to Buddhadeb Das Gupta’s Grihayuddhya tollywood’s connection with trams is pretty old.If  we take a look at Bollywood Kareena Kapoor Khan Traveling in tram in the Movie Yuva by Mani Ratnam,Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahani also shows Vidya in Tram.
 First Attempt of Running Tram was taken in 1873 to travel from
Sealdah to American Ghat.But it proved to be inadequate to serve the purpose.In 1880 CTC was formed .Meter-guage horse drawn track was laid from Sealdah to american ghat.It was inaugerated by Lord Ripon(Vice Roy).The developrnt in tje system was followed by Steam locomotives in 1882.Finally in Asia electric trams plied in 1902 .reconstruction took place for the tracks Kalighat to tollyguange extention took place followed by connecting Esplanade and Begachia
A replica of Horse-Drawn Tram can be seen at saltlake city Center
 We all know that trams are not a fast mode of transport but this
Is one of the oldest transport in the city.Infact  it symbolises the developement and heritage of the City of Joy since british rule.We love our trams the nostalgic thing this trasport can give
No other super decorated technologically advanced vehicle can. Some aspect are connected to heart and our ‘bengalee sentiments’ is’nt it?

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